Kerryn Redpath is an Australian woman who lives in the South East of Melbourne, Victoria. She grew up in a loving family and is now a devoted mother of three wonderful, young adults.

Kerryn is a passionate drug and alcohol awareness educator, a role that evolved out of her own devastating life and near death trials, many years ago. Today, she brings this message of hope and a warning of the dangers of drug and alcohol use and abuse to young people, by speaking in Secondary Colleges/Schools, TAFES, Corporate events and with many other interested groups.

Kerryn’s presentation is personal, passionate, professional and as she believes, vital in light of the current events in the lives of young people across this country.

Over the past 10 years Kerryn has worked in a very rewarding role as an Integration Aide at an Independent College, with students across all sections of the College – Senior, Middle and Junior School.

With her compelling presentation and crucial message, Kerryn is now on a ‘mission’ to reach as many young people as possible.