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Prepare Your Students Now!

Illicit drug and alcohol use in our society is causing immense pain and devastation. It is clear that no school or community group is immune. Having survived drug addiction and consequently, several near-death experiences many years ago, speaker, Kerryn Redpath is now offering a powerful and highly engaging drug and alcohol awareness presentation.


Kerryn delivers a compelling presentation which covers the following topics:

. Kerryn’s own personal devastating story and the lifelong consequences.
. The brain and risk taking.
. How easy it can be to slip from experimentation to addiction.
. Marijuana – the latest scientific evidence.
. The most commonly used drugs & side-effects (including marijuana, heroin, ICE,
GHB, Ecstasy, Hallucinogens, synthetic drugs & alcohol & pharmaceutical drugs etc.; )
. Comprehensive component on ICE, including brain images of Ice users and much more.
. What to do in an emergency.
. Compelling message on Alcohol & the consequences especially regarding binge drinking.
. Why various people use drugs and alcohol (including list of help services available)
. Newspaper articles, radio talkback caller, graphic clip of the deadly reality of drug use.
. Interactive component and Q & A at conclusion – longer session

All of this is intertwined with real-life stories that connect to the evidence; and include:
A conclusion of student value, potential and hope for the future, including the need to have a goal or plan for their lives. Plus an element of resilience building, with an emphasis of connecting to those around them while gaining some understanding of the complexity of human emotions and the connection to substance use.

A follow-up student worksheet is offered for students to fill out and discuss in their next ‘home group’ or PE health class to reinforce the message delivered.

As one who has truly paid the price for the choices she made in her youth, Kerryn speaks with authority on this topic and has a passion to reach as many people as possible with her stark warning, a fact clearly evident in her presentations.


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