Students at all schools are given an opportunity to fill out a feedback form with six questions requiring a 5-1 score. The final question on the form, which requires a written answer is:

“What message did you personally take away from the presentation?”….

“Wow, Kerryn is so inspirational. Thanks for sharing!” Year 12 Student – Independent Co-educational College

“Kerryn was fantastic. She spoke with genuine honesty, and explained a difficult topic to us in a way that made it relevant.”  – Year 12 Student – Independent Co-educational College.

“I took away what drugs can really do with a personal story, instead of just watching a video, or listening to your basic lecture about the negatives of it.” – Yr 9 Student – Independent Boys’ Grammar.

“It reinforced just how dangerous drugs can be. Thank you, sincerely. I’ve never taken drugs but I have been exposed to them quite a fair bit. I started to think that perhaps taking drugs was ok. But it’s not. So thank you for telling me that it’s not.” – VCE Student – Independent Ladies College.

“Drugs destroy lives & ruin relationships with friends, family & partners. Drug related deaths are so tragic. Have a dream/goal to reach in life.” – Year 8 Student – Co-educational Catholic College.

“I thought it was incredibly insightful to hear from someone who has had first hand experience. The different consequences from real life stories were very confronting, but necessary to hear. – VCE Student – Independent Ladies College.

“I loved the extra message of hope and having dreams, etc. – that was really nice to hear! 🙂 Thank you! xx  – VCE Student – Independent Ladies College.

“That alcohol can actually be very dangerous, especially when mixed with other drugs. Year 10 Student – Co-educational Government College.

“I’m glad you’re alive to change others lives.” – VCAL Student- Narre Community Learning Centre.

“How much it can affect the people around you. Best presentation we’ve had! Thank you. :)” – Yr 12 student – Independent Girls’ School.

“Don’t do drugs at all & never binge drink or drink alcohol in large quantities. Always look out for your friends.” – Yr 10 Student – Independent Co-educational College.

“I didn’t realise that alcohol was as bad as drugs.” – Yr 12 Student – Independent Girls’ School.

“It really was an amazing presentation which has firmed up my views a lot, so thank you!” – Yr 12 student –  Independent Girls’ School.

“I really liked your talk better than other drug talks because of the personal stories.” – Yr 12 student –  Independent Girls’ School.

“That the risk and dangers can be life threatening and how different someone can change because of it.” – Yr 10 Student – Independent Co-educational College.

“That taking drugs isn’t an escape route for things we can’t handle.” Year 8 Student –  Co-educational Catholic College.

“The presentation was well organised and presented. Which was extremely informative, warning us about the effects and dangers of using drugs.” – Yr 9 Student – Independent Boys’ Grammar.

“That I will never do drugs and I learnt how to deal with someone overdosing.”  – Yr 12 Student – Independent Girls’ College.

” *Don’t do Drugs. *You can do anything you set your mind to. VERY INSPIRATIONAL. ”  – Yr 8 Student – Independent Catholic College.

“Only take drugs if you’re willing to risk your life and welfare.” – Yr 9 Student, Independent Co-educational College.

“In the end, drugs are never good, they ruin lives and break up families and friendships. DO NOT TAKE DRUGS!!” – Yr 8 Student – Co-educational Government College.

“The full extent of the danger drugs and alcohol pose to society. It was a really great presentation. Thank you very much.” – Yr 12 Student – Independent Girls’ School.

“I never had the appeal to take drugs or smoke, but it has made me aware of the problems with peer-pressure and so I will be more cautious.” – Yr 12 Student – Independent Girls’ School.

“Even though my Dad was an addict, doesn’t mean my life is over.” yr 10 student – Co-educational Government College.

Kerryn was a most engaging speaker who managed to remind all students of the devastating impact of drugs and alcohol. Telling her story made it very clear to each and every one of her audience that they were only a couple of stupid decisions away from opening the gate to a life that could spiral out of control. Students did walk away with not only added knowledge about addiction, but also with some new insights into how to live more purposeful and healthy lives.

Richard Anderson
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School
St John’s Grammar School

Download some of our Formal References by clicking the following links…

Phoebe Tallent – Haileybury
Darryl Bridges – Emerald Secondary College
Jan Macaleese – Cranbourne Secondary College
Dr Ted. Endacott – Hillcrest Christian College
Frank Jetmar – Berwick Secondary College
Toni-Ann Bright – The Knox School
Peter Nash – Waverley Christian College
Zak Jefferies – Hillcrest Christian College
Nic Millwood – Narre Community Learning Centre
Reference – Janne Aitken – Counsellor
Reference – Rotary Club – Robert McArthur. II

Hi Kerryn,

Please accept my gratitude for your attendance at Mission Australia on Tuesday 24th April.

Following completion of the Program, the participants were asked to provide feedback regarding the content of the course and its relevance to them.

Given the age range of the group (18-61 years) I expected a large variance in the replies.

I am happy to advise that your session received very positive feedback from a cross section of the participants with some stating that it was one of the sessions that had the most effect on them.

Once again thank you for your attendance and for sharing your insights and experiences with the group.

Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Kind regards
David Wood – Transitions To Work Co-ordinator, Mission Australia